Ode to a Fallen Dialogue

This work is an ode to the struggles of human communication.

It describes the hardships of unfortunate dialogues, the splendor of reaching to the other side, the rise and fall of human connectedness, the agonies of stray meanings and words. Expressed through the poetics of weather phenomena, this conceptually driven interactive work requires an effort to read the text, in the same way one strives to understand each other.

The reader is asked to meander through more than fifty point-and-click texts and tormented emotions, sometimes bifurcating, while exploring a dialogue ‘landscape’ inspired by visual poetry. Endeavoring to get to the 'other side' through the use of spoken language, this piece of work is an affective journey to the tempests of a fallen dialogue.

Sometimes we make it, sometimes not, this is the melancholy of the human condition.

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13 Ways

after Wallace Stevens (1954)

Conceptually driven, this piece of work reinterprets the famous poem ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’ by Wallace Stevens (1954) in an iterative process of thirteen successive translations of the text through the unconventional use of Google translate system in different languages. Through this digital appropriation process, manifold flaws and imperfections of the electronic medium emerge, such as misconceptions, cultural differences, language particularities and diversities from one language to the other, which are deliberately used by the writer in the creative writing process as a tool for structuring a new poetic form, embedding all these qualities and multiplicities of textual layers, concepts and meanings that arise.

Being initially a poem expressing the different ways of seeing and perceiving the world, the metamorphosis of the text in this context adopts a new form which is permeated by the ‘spell’ of technology. ‘Thirteen Ways’ becomes a metaphor for the contemporary ways of ‘being’ in a digital world.

Published in Backslash Lit, online magazine for electronic literature.

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