When, in the course of a digital era, the term ‘cyberspace’ is infiltrated through continuous technological scenarios, space is no longer seen as the mere background of events. It becomes the foreground of every single human experience of ubiquitous digitality – an aspect of ‘life processing’ mechanism inherent in each computer generated/mediated environment. 
Space, not in its physicality – materiality is attempted to be traversed – but in its contingent aspects of its abstract forms; call it imaginary – call it mental – call it digital – call it space born out of noetic ingredients mixed together in a synthetic recipe of personal, electronic experience; experiential referrents of oneself’s head-on collisions with cyberspatial promises – or premises –born out of contemporary reality.

And then, experience is binary distilled, imagination blown up and space germinated. Spatial sprouting is taking place in the totality of personal mental functions, in the unnamable morphing of thoughts, actions and translations. All amalgamated into the digital environment as multiple shades of sole inhabitations; inhabitations of divergent personas, disordered players, inertially echoic avatars and telepresent ‘switch-on switch-off’ lives.